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there is also a dent on the underside of the arch, and another on the bend where the heckel name. It has recently been professionally repaded and meticulously adjusted and is in perfect playing condition. Wow! Any question Please ask! Huntsville, AL, USA. Used few times in professional orchestra. This classic Heckel Bassoon is ready for a new home and was recently brought back to life by an expert on Heckel bassoons. The feather-2 heckel system bassoon pickup a bass. Acoustic guitar. The most common type of bassoon played around the world is the German style, or Heckel system bassoon. Tony Malone, Carl Sawicki, John Goebbel: 11211: 2: 11212: Laslie/Nordby: 11214: 11218: 11229: 11231/5 this is a hard rubber bassoon, not plastic like many others. My favorite kazoo 1 for a dollar 10 for 8 dollars (contact me for a ten dollar p. Comes with original box. This allows for deeper breathing and more professional performance appearance. Minor shelf wear, unopened. Email me for a photo! This unique bocal has a lovely sound quality, especially in the tenor and high registers. Available for just 1092 . Inquire about my many pre-owned Heckel bocals for sale. We provide a variety of pre-owned Heckel bassoons, so no matter your skills or experience level, there is a bassoon for you. Heckel 6314 (1926) This bassoon is completely restored. Qty . Heckel 6000 series bassoons are highly regarded for their free sound, great projection and beautiful, resonant tonal qualities. I am located in springfield, but get to boston often. This particular instrument is of the highest calibre with a velvety, rich sound that really sings. Buffet refers to the French style and is preferred in only a few countries. Whether you’re beginning your bassoon journey, or looking for your forever instrument, MMI has you covered. . Heckel Bassoon Documents. Additionally, nearly all of our used bassoons receive a professional in-house maintenance before being sent to you. Heckel pre-war bassoon bocal. Toll Free: (800)926-5587 $40.00. The postage costs to send you the item will also be deducted . Add to Wishlist + Out of stock. Fox Model II (2) #27808 $ 14,000.00 To Purchase or Trial this Instrument . A document showing the intonation tendencies of Heckel bassoons; serial # 11176 was used to produce this chart. SOLD. . USED MEINHART BASSOON . Used, Bassoon Bocal Heckel VCD3 . If you come into our store, we allow you to try out the instrument and even take it home for a week-long trial. The Heckel bassoon began its development when Carl Almenräder, a German composer, performer, and teacher, began working with the German acoustical researcher Gottfried Weber to construct a 17 key bassoon with a range of four octaves. . Has a small crack on bottom. Black and white photos and illustrations. Fax: (612)331-4718, 9am – 5pm Monday thru Friday ... Heckel Bassoon Bocal w Hard Case. includes case, case cover ad bocal. there is a patch about an inch above the cork. Heckel . It's the same material the most all bassoons are lined with. Recently re-padded and voiced by Jim Kirker Rollers on Pinky Ab, low F, low Eb, and low C#. We provide a variety of pre-owned Heckel bassoons, so no matter your skills or experience level, there is a bassoon for you. Murray, UT. Used Bassoons Any new or used instrument in stock is available for a one week trial (within the United States, subject to conditions). This product is unsuitable if you are intolerant to c... Prof. heckel system silver plated maple wooden c. Short pre-war heckel bocal in excellent shape. The feather-2 heckel system bassoon microphone a. The Heckel bassoon is characterised by its tonal fineness, timbre and register fidelity, which is due to careful selection of the best woods which are dried naturally for more than 12 years. The buyer always pays the shipping fees that is a return postage too, God condition. A Heckel bocal is included as is the original case. Please email with any questions. Vandoren 1-rhb50 heckel bassoon raw cane, 1/2k. Other: M24 Student 150E Pro : Fox Student 222 Fox Student 41 : Schreiber Student Conn Student Yamaha YFG812 : Pictures below in no particular order 11207: 1: 11209: 1: Black with metal bell ring. Used Bassoons Refurbished by our Repair Department. Free Shipping. Brian is related to Taylor Heckel and Gayle Dorwin Heckel as well as 4 additional people. Any question Please ask! This chart is dated Nov 15, 1968. excellent condition heckel basson bocal cc2 with sun insignia. Heckel #6260. Heckel #7112 Sale! Create your website today. Bassoon for sale - Professional bassoon Moosmann 222: $6500 +shipping. Excellent. An opportunity for the bidders worth giving a try! This instrument was used by Heckel to develop a pitch chart that the company used for years to illustrate the eveness of a Heckel bassoon's pitch. They revolutionised the design of the bassoon with the so-called Heckel system, which is still used by almost all bassoon manufacturers worldwide. Beautiful early Heckel Bassoon #34** from 1888 in excellent conditions, restored in 2018 with original Heckel pads. Than... Vandoren rhb50 heckel bassoon tube cane 1 kilo. Our stock changes frequently so … RDG Woodwinds offers an assortment of excellent used bassoons at a variety of price points. sku# 12401BN . Because its mechanism is primitive compared to most modern woodwinds, makers have occasionally attempted to "reinvent" the bassoon. I now play a Heckel. Interesting placement of the “bb” in the stamp. Great starter clarinet, used in Middle school band only. So Grab yourself a bargain. Any questions then please message me ... Heckel system pickup, "the feather 2". Heckel bassoon #6xxx – made in approximately 1927 The quality of this bassoon is outstanding – the UK company DoubleReed has restored this instrument sensitively and to the highest level. Rich dark German sound, Very satisfying lower register and a stable tenor. Local: (612)331-4717 used bassoons for sale. Vandoren HBSP40 Heckel Bassoon . Twin Falls, ID. Several of these documents had been used for years. Bassoon - Music of Jim Parker, used . Our selection of used bassoons spans a large range of brands and ages. Vandoren hb10 finished heckel bassoon reed. P reviously owned Bassoons in stock: Moosmann . Browse our selection of pre-owned Heckel bassoons online! SOLD! We will send you an email notification, Details: heckel, bassoon, bocal, shipped, usps, parcel, select, ground, Details: bocal, bassoon, heckel, dents, three, does, interfere, sound, Details: bassoon, heckel, langwill, waples, softback, light, wear, writing, front, cover, Details: vandoren, finished, heckel, bassoon, reed, quality, cane, arrivals, pre-owned, gear. Serial number is 6222-5. text 801-808-5677 or ca. the dents does not interfere with the sound. This bassoon is part of an estate sale. Bassoon 1964 patent poster, woodwind instrument. Hohner Kazoos (my personal favorite kazoo) $1.00. Bassoon heckel bocal flat bend type cd2 used in. Professional heckel system maple bassoon silver. Our selection of used Heckel bassoons for sale online is one of the best in the industry. The symbiosis of centuries-old craftsmanship and the latest work techniques ensures decades of playability for this bassoon.

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