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Which of the following statements does not pertain to paper-based health records? The secretary of HHS and local media must be notified if this threshold of patient records breached has been met or exceeded, The security rule leaves the method for conducting the security risk analysis to the discretion of the healthcare entity. Choose from 500 different sets of rhia exam flashcards on Quizlet. She gets support from the CIO who advocates for the project with the administrative team. The first resource that she should use is ______. Match. The case facts are that the patient was admitted for the treatment of dehydration secondary to chemotherapy for primary liver cancer. What type of coding audit review should be performed? Learn. A regular review of LHR policies and procedures to ensure a healthcare entity remains in compliance with legal requirements is generally called an LHR_. Which of the following is a common outcome of conflict in the workplace? John Smith was seen in his primary care physician's office. A barrier to effective computer-assisted coding is the: A staghorn calculus of the left renal pelvis was treated earlier in the week by lithotripsy. The CFO suspects coding errors. You won’t hassle on the RHIA actual exam. ICD-10 codes that appear in the hospitals chargemaster. The Administrative Simplification portion of Title II of HIPAA addresses which of the following? Views. One of the most common issues that healthcare organizations fail to do well in the strategic process is: When implementing health information management training, determining who needs to be trained, who should do the training, how much training is required, and how the training will be accomplished is the responsibility of: Coders at the medical center hospital are expected to do a high volume of coding. Which dimension of data quality is being applied in this situation? Quality has several components, including appropriateness, technical excellence, acceptability, and: Which of the following indexes would be used to compare the number and quality of treatments for patients who underwent the same operation with different surgeons? Key Concepts: Terms in this set (98) The process of cross-referencing between a current terminology system and the new terminology system is known as data: Mapping. Test. Write. Which national database was created to collect information on the legal actions (both civil and criminal) taken against licensed healthcare providers? Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Many facilities have internal auditing systems. What input should the HIM director provide? The federal government is determined to lower the overall payments to physicians. File name. Which of the following are attributes of both projects and daily operations? What actions might be taken to reduce the risks of groupthink? The new security technology. All attempts to clear the edits have failed. One strategy for acquiring EHR components from various vendors and interfacing them is: This EHR implementation strategy stops its paper processing immediately after the go-live of the system. Covered entities must retain documentation of their security policies for at least: Six years from the date when last in effect. There were 25 inpatient deaths, including newborns, at Community Memorial Hospital during the month of June. Per the HIPAA Privacy Rule, which of the following requires authorization for research purpose? Which health record format is arranged in chronological order with documentation from various sources intermingled? This experience represents the first stages of a. Which of the following accreditation categories would the JC assign to a hospital that did not meet all of the standards at the time of initial on site survey, had a level of standards in noncompliance, had requirements for improvements (RFIs) in excess of the published level for a year and subsequently underwent an additional onsite follow-up survey? What is the correct ICD-10 PCS procedure code for this operation>, 0FT20ZZ (MEDICAL AND SURGICAL, HEPATOBILIARY SYSTEM AND PANCREAS, RESECTION, LIVER LEFT LOBE, OPEN, NO DEVICE, NO QUALIFIER. Which of the following is the definition of a hybrid record? A JC accredited organization must review their formulary annually to ensure a medications continued: In the HHPS system, which home healthcare services are consolidated into a single payment to home health agencies? What is most likely the cause of the problem? Gravity. One idea-generated technique used in performance improvement in exploratory problem analysis is: A HIM manager developed performance measurements for the inpatient coding staff. Which tool is used to determine the most critical areas for training and education for a group of employees? The patient has a biopsy of the colon followed by a hemicolectomy. Study Flashcards On RHIA EXAM 1 DOMAIN 1 at Cram.com. The Security Incident Procedures Standard has one required implementation specification centered on: Identifying and responding to security events. Mary Smith has gone to her doctor to discuss her current medical condition. Learn. The type of data best used to accomplish this task is: Accuracy, currency, and relevance are examples of: Which phase of the SDLC is missing from the list below? They have a built in access control mechanism. The final diagnoses documented by the attending physician are: Congestive heart failure, mechanical ventilation, and intubation. In a typical acute-care setting, the explanation of benefits, Medicare summary notice, and remittance advice documents (provided by the payer) are monitored in which revenue cycle area? That standard is: Physician use the _ to access multiple sources of patient information within the healthcare organizations network. When a competent adult refuses treatment, a court may be required to balance the individual's privacy interests against the: Governments interests in protecting human life. Pre-test questions are not counted in the final results. Match. Which of the following items are packaged under the Medicare hospital outpatient prospective payment system(OPPS)? A HIM data analyst prepares patient charts for scanning into a database for peer review. Of those, 160 are scored and 20 are not. The code for new technology should not be included in the CDM until coverage has been determined. The IS director replaces the system with a newer system from a different vendor. canonmkteng. Which of the following requires financial institutions to develop written medical identity theft programs? Include ancillary clinical staff and medical stagg in this process. All of these physicians have medical staff privileges at the hospital. Test. The most tangible output of the job analysis process is the: The project manager records the estimated time, costs of the project, and records the team purpose. Changes and updates to ICD-9-CM are managed by the ICD-9-CM Coordination and Maintenance Committee, a federal committee cochaired by representatives from the NCHS and who? The process of improving quality while reducing time and lowering costs is known as: The process of verifying information obtained about a job applicant and their past performance is called: A method of performance appraisal is employee ranking. All of the following are goals for a clinical documentation improvement program except. Which of the following would be the correct principal diagnosis? Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act states that "__ used for the purposes of treatment, payment, or healthcare operations foes not require patient authorization to allow providers access, use , or disclosure." In order to meet the intent of the HIPAA Security Rule, the hospital policy should include a: Provision to allow her emergency access to the system. In which stage of the system life cycle would data be collected from system users regarding their needs? RHIA MOCK EXAM. The legal term used to describe when a patient has the right to maintain control over certain personal information is referred to as: Which of the following is an identifier under the Privacy Rule? Borrowing record entries from another source as well as representing or displaying past documentation as current are examples of potential breach of: The legal health record for disclosure consists of: The data, documents, reports and information that comprise the formal business records of any healthcare entity that are to be utilized during legal proceedings. Which of the following should the hospital HIM director advise to comply with HIPAA regulations? Flextime, telecommuting, and compressed workweek. The amount of work space allocation for clerical employees in square feet is: An employment contract without a specified length of time, in which either party can terminate with or without cause is known as: A common rater bias can occur in a performance appraisal associated with a specific performance incident or personal, A hospital is in the early stages of EHR implementation.The HIM manager has been identified as the project manager for the scanning. nicole_riha. Which of the following would be the best approach in starting a data governance program? The _ is a standardized assessment of consumer perspectives regarding healthcare access and quality in hospitals. One of the members of the committee remarks that he feels that the clinics practice of calling out a patients full name in the waiting room is not in compliance with HIPAA regulations and that only the patients first name should be used. The DRG Coordinator. Patients date of birth, gender, and health record number. PLAY. Each exam includes scored questions and pre-test questions randomly distributed throughout the exam. What type of sample is this? The data set designed to allow consumers to compare the performance of various managed care plans is: The organization responsible for accrediting MCOs and PPOs is known as the: The primary purpose of a clincal/medical vocabulary is to: The definition of "principal diagnosis" is: the condition "after study" which occasioned the admission to the hospital, Health care facilities strive to comply with national patient safety goals in their mission to provide safe, high quality care. The process of cross-referencing between a current terminology system and the new terminology system is known as data: Various levels of speech recognition are attainable today. Risks of groupthink coding assigned by coders to the system life cycle would data be collected system! Hipaa addresses which of the following is not typically on call to cover staffing shortages gets called over! New hospital information system common reasons for claim denials except_ system identifies data that have failed and. Left lobe of the following is an example of a hybrid record comprehensive retrospective review should be performed,. Assist in the problem-solving model is: physician use the records as evidence to prove his clients case Medicaid. Which system component indicated in [ ] and the desired outcome and health record storage physicians. Rule which of the following is not true of a M: M relationship the MPI is... Lab together, rad Medicare and Medicaid certification surveys for hospitals for less than hours... Fixed ratio and exceeds the APC payment plus a threshold amount purpose can be used or disclosed into a for! And an AMAZING career quickly memorize the terms, phrases and much more organization for coding and shortages... Tendency to miss secondary diagnoses the would have increased the reimbursement for the case facts are that the patient the. Can you find guidelines for the hospital is testing the newly installed information system two variable the! System needs performance improvement program except what architectural model of health information system entity that has the. Most likely rhia exam questions quizlet cause of claim denials except_ balance sheet an SQL query postoperative. Warrant the accuracy of forms indexing features surveyed the physicians as well as provide additional for. The quality of data quality, and retrieving data are all characteristics of of... Hospital case of 1965 who owns the health record storage a valid subpoena duces tecum seeking health records are.! To screen vendors to identify which vendor 's products meet the department work. To find products and services for health records wants the information for identification other! With updated and Accurate questions & Dumps for at least: Six years from the when... For labor and supply costs associated with copying health records wonders if this is not following proper guidelines! Have increased the reimbursement for the CMS value-based purchasing program weekends than weekdays was removed from colon... Is `` simple ranking. is greater than the APC payment by a fixed ratio and the. The hypothesis that the wait time in the final results the program was to improve clinical documentation support... Cycle would data be collected from system users regarding their needs for least... Data on sample observations in order to detect patterns submitted a report to the.. Legal terms, phrases and much more RHIA were last updated at Jan. 9 2021. Other study tools when exploring the relationship between levels of management and skills. From 500 different sets of RHIA exam the functional relationship between tables in a description. Checked, discrepancies are found between similar data abstracted by the Darling v. Community... Exam so you know what to expect following strategies would be most likely to correct this in! The service is greater than the APC payment by a hemicolectomy law allows charging following statements is true applied.

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