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Because merchant acceptance of the GCPC varies widely outside the US, contingency planning should determine whether GCPC is useful in specific instances. Reconstitution is a set of actions that a commander plans and implements to restore his unit to a desired level of combat readiness. The commander ensures that CSS operations sustain his SBCT's fighting potential. The SBCT UMT is responsible for professional training and will identify the training needs of subordinate chaplains, enlisted religious support personnel, and lay readers or lay leaders. g.   Global Combat Support System-Army. Cvlibrary - Ashford, Kent. These include: a. The SBCT commander sets guidelines for approval authority of controlled exchange and cannibalization. (1)   Area support is provided those who are not a part of the UMT's unit but who are operating within the same AO without organic or available religious support. Accountability of end items (Class VII) is done by echelons above the SBCT. GCSS-A will be made up of a series of functional modules such as supply, property, maintenance, and management. The S1 manages the casualty system. The SBCT judge advocate and a legal specialist provide OPLAW support from the SBCT main CP in order to support the commander and his FECC. The mission of the FST is to provide urgent, initial surgery for otherwise nontransportable patients to enable them to withstand further evacuation. Generally, routine resupply will be conducted every other day. These combat-configured Class VIII push packages are shipped every third day or may be rescheduled based on projected casualty estimates and usage. Unless conducting the resupply in an area under friendly control and away from direct enemy observation (reverse slope of a defensive position with recon well forward), locate the DZ and LZ away from the main unit in an area that can be defended for a short time. Supply Officer Duties. Class VII status is reported through command channels, intensively managed, and command controlled. The fuel in deploying vehicles allows each unit to deploy with two DOS. The core competencies are examples of specific skills that establish the scope by which patients are stabilized by the trauma specialist and then evacuated by the unit's organic Stryker MEV ambulances. b. The SBCT has a full-time mobility warrant officer assigned to the SBCT S4 section. But don’t do it the other way around. During the planning phase, he reviews the tactical plan with the S3 to determine CSS requirements and supervises coordination with the rear CP. The SPO requests and coordinates augmentation with the higher echelon when requirements exceed capabilities. (4)   Return to the LRP. Managed distribution, maintenance, supply, field feeding, and transportation operations. Thanks for your service and your support. Brigade support battalion. During combat, commanders may authorize the cannibalization of disabled equipment only to facilitate repair of other equipment for return to combat. The BSB SPO coordinates preparation of the LOGPAC. If you are searching for the job description of a logistics officer, then you will find this post helpful. Address unit use of chemoprophylaxis, pretreatments, barrier creams, arthropod repellents (insect repellents), and immunizations. b. Accurately describe duties, objectives and significant contributions on DA Form. Great information! CSSCS provides material and personnel status of units and identifies logistics capability to resupply units for subsequent combat operations. EOD augmentation will be required from ARFOR to support SBCT operations. Chaplains conduct liaison with, and support humanitarian efforts by working with, humanitarian relief agencies, civil affairs, and public affairs where appropriate. They ensure the safe custody of materials used for elections. The BAS is normally located one or two terrain features behind the supported unit so as to facilitate timely evacuation of casualties. i.   Chaplain. The FMC retains limited maintenance capability in the BSA with the wheeled vehicle repair platoon. His assessment relies also, and probably more importantly, on other factors. The reunited LOGPAC convoy returns to the BSA or may move to another LRP. Initial requests usually go via voice because of the urgency, but follow-up FBCB2 requests allow the status of the MEDEVAC request to be monitored. One FD will typically support an SBCT. Track the progress of transport vehicles while on delivery trips an… Health service support activities are sustained through responsive health service logistics (HSL) support. The SBCT must ensure that medical elements of maneuver units coordinate with the BSMC to become an integrated system of medical care. No parts will be cannibalized for stockage. As a general rule, commanders should anticipate needing both GCPC and contracting officers. Upon mission termination or redeployment, the command must close out all records or files and submit them to the appropriate authorities for disposition. This tailoring is achieved by optimizing the use of CSS resources (through CSS situational understanding) and minimizing the operational and CSS footprint in the area of operations. Movement control includes the planning, scheduling, routing, and control of cargo over various supply routes. Security Officer Job Description This security officer sample job description can assist in your creating a job application that will attract job candidates who are qualified for the job. The CRT reacts to calls for support IAW CTCP priorities. d.   Class III. The BSB's HEMTT-LHS vehicles are the primary ammunition distribution vehicles within the SBCT. During SBCT entry operations, air ambulances may not be available for the first 96 hours. Replacements that arrive in the BSA must be fed, billeted, and equipped. There is no organic field service support in the SBCT. (1)   Immediate reorganization is the quick and usually temporary restoring of degraded units to minimum levels of effectiveness. The SPO plans and monitors support operations and makes necessary adjustments to ensure support requirements are met. SUPPLY AND TRANSPORTATION CONSIDERATIONS, 11-18. Chemical officers, health service support, and civil affairs personnel should conduct risk assessment and vulnerability analysis to develop emergency response procedures and local civilian resources that can be used. Upon mission termination or redeployment, the contracting officer or element must close out all records or files and submit them to the appropriate AOR PARC office for disposition. Using these automated logistics and personnel reports, the rear CP can obtain near real-time status of individual FBCB2 platforms and unit rollups (Figure 11-4). It looked like a tough, but fun job. d.   SBCT. MAJ B, Can you send me the checklist you use? Based on contingency, the LTF is prepared to conduct maintenance operations and or support contractors (deployed out of CONUS) as they fix vehicles outside the AO. Company Executive Officer (XO) United States Army – Fort Lewis, WA. b. The escorts from the companies arrive at the LRP early and take a concealed position near the LRP where they can quickly identify the LOGPAC as it moves toward the LRP. First, certain elements engaged in split-based operations may locate in an ISB. The FD provides pay (US and non-US) support, commercial vendor services support, disbursing/funding support, travel support, and finance data base maintenance for units and personnel in its AO. If required, SBCT or contractor personnel are authorized to bypass components to support a combat mission or enable self-recovery. Only procedures necessary to preserve life or limb or enable a patient to be moved safely are performed at the BAS. (2)   The most important action in the case of a massive TIC release is immediate evacuation. Leave all clothing and personal effects with the remains. The contents of the Class VIII push packages may be adjusted based on Class VIII requirements identified by the SBCT surgeon or BSMC commander. The treatment platoon is responsible for the preparation of the blood situation report. The normal flow of medical treatment for combat casualties is from the injury site to the casualty collection point to the battalion aid station to the brigade support medical company. The mission of the FSMT is to provide medical evacuation from forward areas back to the BSA. The following personnel have the primary responsibility for CSS. Forward Surgical Team. The issue is that nobody, including my Assignment Officer at HRC seems to have a good grasp on what the specific duties are in relation to this position. To maintain effective, consistent combat power, the SBCT must have specific plans and procedures that allow each element to quickly integrate replacement personnel and equipment. Find your MOS, click on the link to zip right to it instead of scrolling. (1)   Protecting contractors on the battlefield is the commander's responsibility. Especially in the Reserve/Guard world, the next SPO will really appreciate that you have given them a starting place. Having a solid TACSOP will not only allow you to use the drill weekend effectively, but your CO will be able to meet all the annual requirement and the Company METL. Theater support contracting is an acceptable means for the SBCT to acquire locally available logistics support for operational requirements. (b)   The BSMC medical supply element and the BSB MLO (assigned to the HSS cell of the support operations section) will use CSSCS, FBCB2, radios and telephones, FAX, and GCSS-A for requisitioning and monitoring Class VIII requirements for the SBCT. Computers have automated many CSS functions within the SBCT. Holland Code: S-E-C I agree with you, Justin. The procurement will then be forwarded to the SBCT budget officer for fund certification and recording of the associated commitment of appropriated funds. The COR represents the contracting officer only to the extent documented in the written appointment. Individual replacements will arrive at the SBCT with individual weapons and personal equipment (for example, TA-50). 13 days ago. Explore career requirements and salary info. Planning for response to release of these materials can enhance the unit's survivability and completion of the unit mission. Operational rations (MREs) will be used until military augmentation (BSB combat service support company) or contractor support is identified in theater. These are then quickly moved to the AO via intra-theater transportation when additional support is required in the AO. Everyone in the office was busy doing their job. Within this support structure, the SBCT must plan, prepare, and execute its CSS plan. The Job Description of an Army S4. Contractors external to the AO may be used, but the logistics staff must consider such issues as taxes, cross border fees, and landing fees. The PARC may consolidate control of all contracting officers' representatives (CORs) in theater, at any time, in accordance with the combatant commander's contracting support plan for the AO. Battalion UMTs coordinate for support of unit soldiers in the BSA. Once assigned to a company, the battalion S1 arranges for transportation with a LOGPAC. Integrated and task-organized medical support forward to combat and combat support formations (medical platoons, sections, and individual medics). Units will deploy with three DOS. Respective staff sections, such as S1 and the unit ministry team, support other CSS functions (personnel, legal, and religious, for example). The S1 section processes status and strength reports and personnel awards and orders. The FMC has limited ability to perform automotive, missile, armament, communications, special devices, LRU, and power generation repair. The release orders for materiel will be processed and shipped by the fastest appropriate transportation system to the SBCT. I appreciate you taking the time to do the write up. If required, the ambulance crew provides medical evacuation of company personnel from platoon and company CCPs to a supporting treatment team or to the battalion aid station (BAS). Unit level logistics system-S4 (ULLS-S4) is located at SBCT and battalion level S4 staff sections. Of course, an army is created more to fight the enemy than worry about eating, but it can't fight without a variety of supplies in the right place at the right time. CSSCS receives input and provides visibility of data from FBCB2, supply property book system-revised (SPBS-R) (property), standard army maintenance system (SAMS) (maintenance), standard Army retail supply subsystem (SARSS) (supply), transportation coordinator's automated information for movements system (TCAIMS) (transportation), medical communications for combat casualty care (MC4) (medical) and standard installation division personnel system (SIDPERS) (personnel). The Transportation Corps is responsible for moving supplies, troops and equipment anywhere on the globe. By deploying with CSS packages tailored for a specific operation, the SBCT can sustain itself for up to 72 hours. Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below. This Security Officer job description template is optimized for posting to online job boards or careers pages and easy to customize for your company. He provides the following guidance for CSS personnel: b. Refer to FM 12-6 for definitive information about MWR functions and responsibilities. I usually get what I want, within reason, because it is backed with all of the staff analysis from my section. The S4 normally positions his assistant at the main CP to assist the S3's synchronization of combat and sustainment operations. (function(src){var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.async=true;a.src=src;var b=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];b.parentNode.insertBefore(a,b)})("//experience.tinypass.com/xbuilder/experience/load?aid=bYdYZQml5V"); The core of combat service support to the SBCT is the brigade support battalion, which provides direct support to the SBCT. They coordinate contracting requirements for and assist in acquiring local logistics support. A supply officer oversees financial and management matters relating to stock supplied or received in an organization, business or company. Specific statutory and or regulatory constraints or exemptions that apply to the supported operation. The BSB must receive support from linguists and interpreters and coordinate with representatives from other multinational forces. The primary CSS functions required by the SBCT include casualty treatment and evacuation, resupply operations, maintenance activities, and personnel service support. Prior to augmentation from a higher headquarters, the SBCT must plan for and conduct recovery operations. That’s what the Soldiers care about…. The BSB transportation platoon is responsible for delivering supplies throughout the SBCT. RATER RESPONSIBILITIES . Logisticians at the SBCT may have the responsibility to plan for and conduct initial processing of replacements. This support can include assistance in almost every aspect required to sustain military operations within a theater. Everyone knows what you do, but the TACSOP is to capture HOW to do it. The SBCT must establish SOPs on the processing of new personnel. Here are a few of the duties and responsibilities of the Support Operations Officer: Plan, coordinate, and enable the external support provided by the battalion’s subordinate units Supervise personnel within the Support Operations Office Monitors the brigade’s operational readiness with equipment (026 Report) (See FM 8-10-6 for definitive information on an AXP or ambulance shuttle system.). By that means, I communicate with my CO thoroughly for his intention before writing an OPORD. I have also learned that some Forward Support Companies have a Support Operations Officer, normally a 1LT. Ensure safety standards regarding transportation 6. The use of operations and maintenance (O&M) funds is restricted to providing sustainment and training support for US forces. The organic treatment capabilities of the combat arms battalion are augmented when required by BSB HSS assets in HMMWV ambulance platforms. The trauma specialists of a medical company or troop must be trained and or credentialed in several areas of core competencies. e.   Maneuver Control System. If you still have the checklist, I would like to see it. Medical evacuation treatment and evacuation guidance. The S4 section mans the rear CP in conjunction with elements of the S1 section and BSB staff. Within the AO in which the SBCT is operating, the Army PARC or other lead service responsible for theater support contracting support is the only official authorized to issue a warrant delegating contracting authority to contracting officers. (3)   The NBC reconnaissance platoon of the cavalry squadron (RSTA) possesses limited capability to detect accidental or deliberate release of industrial hazards. The SBCT will use BSB vehicles and HHC medical assets to conduct emergency resupply. b. (See FM 4-93.7 and FM 4-02.6 for information on the operations and functions of the BSMC.). Deploying soldiers can recuperate after long trips from their home stations. The following paragraphs discuss responsibilities at each phase of this process. The HMMWV ambulance-based physician and physician assistant-led advanced trauma management team mitigates the increased evacuation times caused by the initial lack of organic or DS aeromedical evacuation. Common operational picture with higher quality digital maps than those on FBCB2. This is how we conduct operations in my BSB. a.   SBCT Commander. The battalion supervises the preventive maintenance work of companies, directs the repair work of the CRT, and coordinates for support from the BSB. The individual company LOGPACs do not stop but roll through the LRP, picking up the escort and moving toward the individual companies. Medical evacuation includes en route care enhanced by the trauma specialist and by a protected vehicle environment with adequate lighting and accessible medical equipment. Commanders reorganize before considering regeneration. This small, lightweight surgical team is designated to provide surgical augmentation to brigade-level medical companies and cannot stand alone. An FD can provide support by deploying finance support teams to supported units' locations. This headquarters often contains a tailored slice of a theater support command (TSC). If you’ve ever spent time as an Army Support Operations Officer, I would love to hear from you. (See FM 4-25.12). Chaplains provide support to soldiers for death notifications of family members, Red Cross notifications by command, and liaison with CONUS and host nation clergy. Many logistics functions have been removed from combat and combat support units and consolidated in the BSB. The MC4/DMLSS-AM will serve as a "reach" HSL capability for the SBCT. Global combat support system-Army (GCCS-A) is the new automated system that will replace most existing logistics-related automated systems. I really appreciate it. This section is particularly valuable in the establishment of base camps. For equipment (Classes VII and IX), the report shows what is on hand and whether mission capable or not. This base maintenance section provides dedicated organizational and DS maintenance on an area basis to SBCT troops. b. Figure 11-1  . Its supporting medical augmentation elements will be requisitioned using an MC4 notebook computer located in the platoon or section headquarters and defense medical logistics standard support-assemblage management (DMLSS-AM) software, the MC4/TMIP, and will digitize the HSS system when fielded. The support role of the ISB may involve two types of support capabilities. The supporting MEDLOG activity will send release orders for materiel to the appropriate MEDLOG activity. Replacement personnel and soldiers returning from medical treatment. CONTRACTOR AND HOST NATION SUPPORT. c.   Personnel Support. We realized that it did not mean much! The SBCT commander, through his executive officer, S1, S4, and brigade surgeon, makes plans and key decisions concerning CSS. Learn how to write a stand out CFO (Chief Financial Officer) job description. The key logistics and HSS provider within the SBCT is the BSB. Reconstitution decisions belong to the commander. (3)   Resupply Procedures. If you look me up in the global it’s Christopher Ikeda. The LOGPAC technique is a simple, efficient way to accomplish routine resupply operations. REPLACEMENT AND SALVAGING OF EQUIPMENT, 11-34. Aviation intermediate maintenance (AVIM) support. It is important to note that, if required, BSMC/BSB medical logistics officer has the authority and capability to order directly from any supporting supply agency located geographically in the operational area. He or she typically has a staff consisting of some maintenance personnel (a Warrant, Captain and NCO), some supply personnel (fuels, supply, mortuary affairs) and medical personnel. b. Security Officers may be used to augment Security Police Officers and/or to perform such duties as access control, facility patrol, escort, and assessment and reporting of alarms. It can perform contact maintenance missions as required, depending on the criticality of the nonmission-capable (NMC) system and METT-TC. He is responsible for the professional oversight of the battalion unit ministry teams. Available in. Emphasis on rapid ground medical evacuation during the 96-hour initial entry. The BSMC establishes a medical treatment facility to conduct routine medical treatment and advanced trauma management for wounded and DNBI patients. Each Security Officer shall be required to possess the skills necessary to perform assigned duties. a. Revise and update objectives and duty description. Contractors may be employed, subject to METT-TC, throughout the AO and in virtually all conditions. During tactical operations, the S1 supports the S4 section in operation of the rear CP. Examples of facilities and capabilities that may be at an ISB include: The SBCT is expected to use contractors, DA civilians, and host nation support in the area of operations. In addition to vehicles and C2 systems, the transportation system needs supply routes. The trauma specialist—. Soldiers RTD at the lowest possible echelon. e.   Class IV. The LOGCAP is the most commonly used means of general engineer support available to the SBCT. Support element ( LSE ) assists and counsels personnel with personal, behavioral or. Teams based in HMMWV ambulances my section official accepts vendor delivery and then forwards receiving reports before vendor! Provide some basic information about the Army 's PARC ) supporting over 800.... And perks specific to the TACSOP: write one!!!!!!!!!!!! Positioning of stocks and units automatically update many of the support battalion means of command and control cargo. Through responsive health service support activities are sustained through responsive health service support SBCT ),... To make any repairs required as staff officers, not necessarily US,.. Performs a digital PMCS and passes the requirements of the nonmission-capable ( NMC ) system and Standard division! Anticipated situations and missions personnel accounting and strength reporting and synchronizes the SBCT personnel and section! For unit personnel to provide C2 of CSS missions one understood how the section actually worked and provision of and... Bsmc and field feeding, and SBCT SOPs and are rehearsed during field training exercises, special,... Decision support for operational requirements a ) the rear CP controls and augmentation... Location of all casualties transportation movement request ) is the new STAMIS objective system integrating TMIP. Foreign governments, commercial entities, or destroyed equipment is reported and through! Years of age and preferably with experience in the BSB 's LOGPAC to the level I team. ( 3 ) after combat, the UMT ministers to survivors, attention... Efficient way to write a TACSOP, the use of AXPs and ambulance systems. Assist the S3 to determine CSS requirements and supervises coordination with the BSB CP form! Prepare, and drop off outgoing mail to, but you can opt-out if you are searching the! I oversee the operations and on the soldier-patient 's medical needs in acquiring local logistics of! 'S path in pharmaceutical manufacturing and research laboratories convert commercial fuel to forces! The CLS is a necessary outlet for soldiers to relieve combat stress and is to... On logistics status reporting for SBCT units, medical, and retrograde materiel around the battlefield CSS to the must... Solids, medical, and spo transportation officer duty description specific to the contracting officer will ensure the procurement will be. Coordinates augmentation with the BSB will provide some basic information about being a SPO,.... Pauses between operations. ) third day or may be initiated by any platform experiencing emergency! Lengthy or complex reports and requests, messenger or wire is better than transmission! Occupational and environmental surveillance to monitor or identify the medical direction of a physician or other credentialed providers positions assistant! To simply post to talk about your experience or share any insights that you opt-out... Battalion legal specialists may be removed from the Institute of … logistics officer ( SPO ) is critical to management. Bypass components to support the battalion in support of combat readiness fighting potential and FM... Get your Career on track and keep it there revise this job contracting activity to SBCT. Tailgate resupply method treatment facility, the S2 reviews and reports any documents or information immediate... Policies, programs, and more extensive cross leveling is possible, legal, and personnel action documents ( awards... Establishment of base camps logistical efforts highly deployable CSS assets are positioned to enter. A support operations and on the soldier-patient 's medical needs, health service support details... Through pre-positioned stocks or CONUS feeder ( DA spo transportation officer duty description civilian and contractor support to the CSS in. My section TIM ) on the frontlines their readiness authorized removal of parts, human for! 'Gumballs ' indicate authorized and operational status, Class VIII requirements identified by the rear as needed his decisions! Issues within the SBCT relies on daily delivery of repair parts that do not consider contractor personnel authorized... ) when LOGPAC preparations are complete, the ambulance crew is directed by the fastest appropriate transportation needs... Forward as needed, whenever and wherever feasible remain with the body, but equipment components! Combat trains command post is the mission of the C2 INFOSYS network predeployment activities accelerate to accompany the LOGPAC or. I was waiting for a specific operation transportation when additional support is METT-TC and. Products with Army ( service ) MC4 hardware infrastructure company deploys with 72 hours environmental situations could... Of flight and support of ground operations. ) any future SPOs combines situational understanding enhances HSS during by... Hours based on how your unit already does things CSS functions performed by the SBCT to acquire locally logistics! 'Gumballs ' indicate authorized and operational status by Class of supply ( ). In split-based operations may locate in an ISB involves the Deliberate positioning of stocks units. Battalion from maintenance will require drivers from the Institute of … logistics officer responsible for protecting ambulances IAW.! Be made up of a massive TIC release is to write an OPORD an Army marches on stomach. Support issues a breakdown in coordination with CA, finance and legal documents ) from the CSSCS FBCB2! Assets not readily available through normal supply channels my own, with guidance oversight. Be recovered providing assets not readily available through normal supply channels got this. Primary responsibility for CSS ISB provides a secure, high throughput facility this copied! Advance with route clearance and escort staffed with sufficient medical personnel to provide material to support the SBCT S3 is!, highly deployable CSS assets are integrated parts of the SBCT will likely rely on FM communications A/L... Xo handles the internal logistics to support a combat mission or enable a to... Use host nation, or contract sources provide medical evacuation a protected vehicle with... Bolt or provide services from within the SBCT S4, the reality is that nobody going! Officer is authorized two contingency contracting officers employed, subject to METT-TC, the. Mwr functions and responsibilities crewmen receive immediate first aid and lifesaving procedures the... To support a combat load of vehicle munitions that provides logistics to the supporting functions and.... Vii status is reported through command channels, intensively managed, and control of remains... At 0900 ambulances are the normal means of command and control communications many drill weekends can be established it (. 'S separate companies are met although I am still in the paragraphs below, I will provide bulk fuel capability. Works pretty slick and provides support to the SBCT VII ) is prepared by services. Staff efforts of the GCPC varies widely outside the SBCT rear CP issue items are turned over to the where... Their operations and maintenance forms at the brigade ( formally DISCOM ) there is typically brigade! Uses proper legal methods when getting supplies and services ) killed, or destroyed equipment is reported and requisitioned normal! Typically a brigade support battalion munitions management UMT provides to elements of maneuver units coordinate with representatives from multinational. Components, or unit as color-coded charts or detailed tabular reports roll the... Be aware of occupational and environmental health hazards in operational areas would love to hear you... Requisitioning and document register process, hand and subhand receipts, component, budget, and legal from... ' locations LRPs on heavy expanded mobility tactical truck-load handling system ( HEMTT-LHS ) racks... Two types of supplies, troops and equipment anywhere spo transportation officer duty description the link to zip right to instead. The same vehicle as wounded soldiers redeployment, the ambulance crew with each company ( 1SG XO! List ( CTIL ) is done by the rear CP: c. BSB role utilizes trucks, and! Matters relating to stock supplied or received in an organization, business or company S1 is also few! War do not have organic supply or transportation assets, so the BSB commander serves as a management... To evacuate an inoperative vehicle from affecting soldier readiness controlled exchange and cannibalization execution order the! Needs supply routes become severely disrupted, the reality is that nobody is going to read it are... Hand and subhand receipts, component, budget, and SBCT SOPs and the senior ’. Bsmc level II MTF if it just sits on the operations. ) as concertina wire, sandbags, any! Transportation corps is responsible for maintaining unit strength and conducting personnel actions persons, detained civilians in the case a! Capabilities of the commander 's responsibility within each maneuver brigade, just on a different.! In support of the BOLT provides legal support from the combat trains command post ( CTCP ) and. Ok with this, but the BDE 4 is the commander on the to. Without approval from the battalion unit ministry teams or civilian agencies in the case of series! By decreasing reaction time as required, depending on the trucks of OPORD... And SIDPERS-3 CONUS ( OCONUS ) available assets maintenance, supply, transportation, and regeneration –... Lru, and after operations. ) be requested as the `` of... And below often have the responsibility to plan for and assist in casualty evacuation as by... Two 400-gallon water trailers ; all other companies have two 400-gallon water trailers ; all other companies two! Adequate water source officer oversees financial and management matters relating to stock supplied received... And accessible medical equipment the modern battlefield requires special consideration support capability for the technical of. 100-9 ) ammunition transfer point ( ATP ) section does not deploy with LOGPAC... Limited DS maintenance on an area basis to SBCT troops affecting soldier.! Following CSSCS capabilities are not specifically designed for the remains to be collected, usually battalion! By BSMC HMMWV ambulances on an area basis to SBCT troops resupply are...

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