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Shellacked surfaces should readily take paints as it is commonly used to seal defects in wood used for finished surfaces, such as knots. Bag Our Price: $ 28.00. how delicate then must skin be — Corinne Chase. Bag : USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. FGR95, Hydrocal Plaster: FGR Plaster has a long set time, allowing for fabrication of strong, fiberglass-reinforced items. As it dries, I use my fingers to add more water to seal the cloth. B. BLVDBUZZARD New Member. The water/powder ratio of hydrocal is critical, much less forgiving than plaster of paris. There's a product called Fibatape which is fibreglass mesh tape which might work well to hold drywall mud. Hot water will heat a plaster cast up enough to burn the patient. 3. Does it go by other names? If I was doing fine art casting or skim coating a wall, then it might matter more.... 1. the easiest way that works perfectly for me, is to put your pre - measured plaster into a container - add the correct amount of water and let it sit for about 3 minutes until the water is absorbed. If you tell them US Gypsum's the supplier, they can usually figure out where to get it from, and are most helpful doing it. It was fine, hard and durable. Login, or register today to interact in our online community, comment on articles, receive our newsletter, For scenery base such as hardshell drywall mud should be fine, especially the setting type, as long as the substructure has some strength. I usually get mine in large (50# or 100#) bags from a local building supply (lumber, hardware, etc.) I usually gouge out the pink foam, and then cover that rough surface with plaster cloth. It is designed for thin layers of extra hard surface. It sat stored in those containers you get cat food from with the screw on lid. It came in a paper bag, that I kept in the basement using about half of it. (used mainly for rock-castings). if stopped by the police simply tell them that after sharing the white powder you are going home to finish a reefer. Bag: USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. The newly purchased box made cruddy crumbly rocks that I discarded. I use a soft-sided silicone bowl for my mixing and when done allow the plaster to cure. Home: Plaster & Gypsum Cement: Hydrocal White. In the 80's I was able to source a big 80# ? For plaster of paris, hydrocal or Portland cement products it does make a difference. There are other techniques that might make 'adding water to powder' less of a pain; we should discuss them if anyone has the interest. It is possible, in a nonstructural application, to reconstitute a hard shell on effloresced plaster by making a solution with a little 'water wetter' and acrylic mortar additive, and wetting the surface a couple of times till it will 'take' no more solution quickly. Find plaster at Lowe's today. The USG article encourages one to use exact measurements, temperatures and technique. In any case, cut it with 50% 200 mesh silica. As mentioned above, look on US Gypsyum's website for local dealers and call them. A friend had suggested using WS Flex Paste as a sealant. It';s a LOT harder than normal plaster- which is why they use it for hardshell. it may improve the thoroughness of hydration to mix under vacuum if the powder does not readily 'wet'. Quick Set Is Unaggregated For Use Over Sanded Basecoats. Is there an acceptable substitute that I may find at my local hardware store ( Lowes or Home Depot)? bag of it. I usually get mine in large (50# or 100#) bags from a local building supply (lumber, hardware, etc.) Tinting each layer with a bit of acrylic craft paint, dark at the lower level and getting lighter, will make a better water effect. As far as powder, ussually not enough water was used, get that alot with regular plaster while zip texturing, I ussually just put another layer on. 4. I had been storing the container in a bucket in a (dry) basement, but the carton wasn't sealed in any way other than being closed. New Customer? Home > Raw Materials | Stains > USG Plasters and Information > USG White Hydrocal 50 Lbs. That's why plastercloth is so handy, if a little pricey in hobby shop quantities. I have never mixed plaster as "Smooth as a fresh jar of Skippy.". Never a problem. Lightweight Hydrocal®* Plaster - Woodland Scenics. Woodland Scenic markets a light version which presumably is cut with a lightweight filler of some kind. Ceramical Gypsum Cement with 6500psi compressions trength . Not sure how it might price out as compared to plaster cloth. Another thing to ask for is hotmud. DAP Plaster of Paris sets quickly and can be painted with any oil or latex-based paint when dry. I don't think I have ever actually used the Woodland Scenics branded hydrocal plaster. Happily modeling my STRATTON & GILLETTE RAILROAD. It should get warm to the touch and set solid as a rock. I learned about plaster in the ER. They look at me funny when I go into the Home Depot and ask for hydrocal. For resin based "water" you do want to completely seal the entire " bowl" you intend to fill with resin. White Plaster of Paris Dry Mix that features an easy-to-mix, fast-setting formula that can be sanded and painted for customized use. I have broken a few rules I am sure with my molding and it all seems to work out but then I always worked in smaller batches. If I attempt to add some paint, the "rock" falls apart. Adding a base colour to your plaster or drywall mud is a really good idea. Besides how hard does a hard shell have to be. The "secret" ingredient in hydrocal is exactiy the right amount of Portland cement, you will know that stuff as concrete.

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